Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Technologies for the Ocean - How you can bring the Sea to your Pocket

Seak (i.e. Sea and Seek) is a citizen science App that empowers students, underwater photographers, scuba divers, scientists and casual, curious sea lovers worldwide to photograph and georeference marine species. Simultaneously, this free mobile application
empowers anyone to discover marine life, no matter where the user may be located,  through other users eyes, connecting them with nature and generating a sense of belonging and protection for our seas.

 Seak is based on a community of users who are continually building a database (curated by marine biologists) of their experiences in the ocean, integrating common and scientific knowledge within the framework of a fun, photo-sharing social networking app. Concluding from Baba Dioums (1968) quote that we will only conserve what we know about, Seak focuses on the desire to increase the knowledge of marine life by creating a direct connection with the ocean, considering that many people are curious about marine life, but do not have the resources to access the ocean. Luckily, over 25 million registered divers and millions of sea lovers around the world explore our oceans daily. Based on this realization, Seak was created to literally bring the sea to everyones pocket! Seak aids divers in learning about which animals they can see during their dive expeditions, enables children to discover the marine biodiversity that exists in their country, and supports science teachers who want to use technology to enrich their classrooms.

Together, citizen science and technology create a powerful channel to actively involve people to share their experiences and get information to discover and protect marine life.
So, why not download Seak and “Share to care”.

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