Friday, 24 October 2014

Island Nation Sets Up World’s First Crowdfunded Marine Protected Area

Palau raises over $50,000 to support the creation and enforcement of a Pacific Ocean no-fishing zone the size of France

The Pacific island nation of Palau made waves in the ocean conservation world earlier this year with an announcement that they plan on turning their territorial waters into a no-take marine protected area. Part of the solution to supporting this project will rely on crowdfunding, a growing staple of fundraising.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Coastal Blue Carbon Manual

Coastal Blue Carbon step by step - A new manual for measuring, assessing and analyzing carbon in the field and lab

Increasingly, coastal ecosystems are being recognized for their important role in carbon sequestration and, when degraded, their potential to become sources of carbon emissions. Progress has been made to include these systems in international and national policy and finance mechanisms. The full integration of coastal management activities as part of countries’ portfolio of solutions to mitigate climate change has however not yet been fully achieved due to a lack of technical guidance leading to comparable information and scientific results.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Win-Win: The Marine Protected Area Story

MMMPA presents an original short educational and highly entertaining silent Marine Protected Area (MPA) movie. The humorous nature of the film makes it accessible to a wide audience, bringing with it important simple take home messages. This film and understandable text exhibit the fundamental benefits of MPAs and the ideal process for MPA designation and their governance. Participation and collaboration are key

Watch the film here
and in Spanish here

Daniel Mateos Molina, Marie Curie Fellow
MMMPA Monitoring of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas
Underwater Biological Cartography (UBICA srl)
Via S. Siro 6 int.1, 16124 Genova (Italy)