Thursday, 28 August 2014

Be inspired by a new generation! "How are you creating a protected planet?"

The Pushing Boundaries Challenge has been launched and is asking this question to really showcase the amazing work of young people around the world, to support, enhance and further protected areas!

This international Challenge is designed to provide an outlet for passion and creativity that highlights how young people are using inspiring and innovative solutions to keep our world wild and protected.

The Challenge is accepting entries that range from local to global in scope, encompassing diverse forms of protected areas, and will be evaluated by an international team of judges on impact, creativity, innovation and its ability to be replicated.
If you are a young professional working hard to protect our planet and our ocean this is a chance you can’t miss to receive international exposure at World Parks Congress!

There will be a dedicated session under Stream 8 - Inspiring a New Generation to the top 10 winners and, thanks to generous support from the IUCN WCPA, Global Environment Facility (GEF) and UNDP, two (2) Challenge participants from GEF eligible countries ( will receive sponsorship to attend the World Parks Congress.

But it’s not over! The projects selected by the International Judging Panel related to the protection of the marine environment will be also showcased as part of the Networking for nature: the future is cool session.
This ‘great ideas’ plenary session will showcase game-changing initiatives to support the discovery of and connection to nature through new technologies. It will be a forward-looking multi-media event that will feature, among other things, new content released by Google and Catlin Seaview and how the great work of the new generation of marine conservationist is a beacon of hope for the future of our ocean!

Submissions are open until September 21, 2014 via an interactive online platform ( Participants must be under 35 years of age at time of entry, but submissions can be in the form of documents, videos, arts, stories, songs...anything that inspires creativity and successfully represents the participant’s project!

For more information about the Challenge, all the other great prizes that you can win and how you can help to spread the word please visit

We look forward to creating with you an exciting movement of young inspiring people for World Parks Congress and of course to receiving your great contribution!

Mariasole Bianco