Monday, 19 May 2014

Cabo Pulmo – A work in progress and a cautionary tale for the planet

For my husband Rick and me, an invitation to Happy Hour with friends led to an expedition of a lifetime. A convergence of common interests, science, and exploration took us recently to Cabo Pulmo, in Baja Sur, Mexico. A glittering oasis of plenty in an imperiled stretch of Mission Blue’s Gulf of California Hope Spot, Cabo Pulmo is a jewel in the crown of our planet’s marine reserves.

Our expedition was led by Dr. Octavio Aburto, who participated with Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Jeremy Jackson on the film, Mission Blue, partially shot on location in Cabo Pulmo, and his Scripps colleagues; Josh Stewart, Brad Erisman and Tim Rowell. Rounding out the expedition were world-renowned oceanographer, Dr. Walter Munk and his wife Mary, SIO/Birch Aquarium Executive Director, Dr. Nigella Hillgarth, Dr. Giuseppe di Notobartolo, and Explorers Club Fellow, Rick Elkus. The Explorers Club sanctioned the Expedition and we were awarded Expedition Flag #221 to carry into the field.