Friday, 28 February 2014

Governing Marine Protected Areas - resilience through diversity

The book 'Governing Marine Protected Areas - resilience through diversity' has now been published and can be ordered from - the discount code DC361 brings the price down to £40.

This new book explores questions relating to the effective and equitable governance of MPAs and options for addressing them. A key theme is that MPA governance needs to combine participative, legal and economic approaches. Building on ideas concerning the governance of common-pool resources, author Peter Jones of University College London puts forward a more holistic and less prescriptive approach to the
governance of MPAs. This trans-disciplinary analysis is aimed at supporting the development of MPA governance approaches that build social-ecological resilience through both institutional and biological diversity. This builds on the argument that diversity is the key to resilience, both of species in ecosystems and incentives in governance systems.

A leaflet on the book can be found at and a blog on the book can be found at