Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Call for Content for World Parks Congress, November 12-19, 2014.

The World Parks Congress is calling for content ideas for the Congress from the conservation community. Marine issues will be a cross-cutting theme at the Congress, led by NOAA, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority, Parks Australia, and WCPA-Marine. We plan to have an exciting showcase of marine conservation ideas, best practices and opportunities. All participation ideas should be emailed to: Guidelines for Proposals<>.

Calling all protected area professionals, business people, international development workers, community groups, young people, health professionals, researchers, ENGOs and more! Do you have an inspiring story about how protected areas help your sector or business, or about how your sector helps protected areas? We’re inviting you to be part of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 by contributing your inspiring solutions to the World Parks Congress programme. Please download the Guidelines for Proposals<> document to learn more about the Congress programme and the kind of proposals we are seeking.

Proposals for programme content should be put forward as ideas, case studies, or events, as the World Parks Congress is not a scientific conference with a typical call for papers. It is organised into eight streams, each of which deals with a particular set of challenges for protected areas and related issues in the decade ahead. The leaders of the eight (8) streams will determine how the proposed content can be built into the programme. For example, content could be presented as part of a workshop, panel discussion, pavilion event or e-poster.

Please note that not all proposals can be included in the programme. Stream leaders will be looking for those proposals that best contribute to the objectives of each stream. The first opportunity to contribute content is to submit a proposal before 15 March 2014.

Lauren Wenzel
Acting Director
National Marine Protected Areas Center
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