Thursday, 14 November 2013

IMPAC3 ends successfully but the Web TV continues

The IMPAC3 congress ended successfully on 27 October in Ajaccio! Thanks to all the 1700 participants who attended the congress in Marseille and in Ajaccio and also to the 4000 visits we received on the Web TV. We appreciate your active participation and enthusiasm during these 5 days of events which consisted of 91 workshops and 37 knowledge caf├ęs. We also received more than 100 videos (and still counting) for the Web TV which is one of the major accomplishments of the congress.

So in case you have missed one of the plenary sessions, you may watch them via this link below:

During the congress we also produced daily magazines to provide a quick, crisp and to the point recap of the whole day. Here is the link if you want to watch them:

By the way, the other major component of the IMPAC3 congress is the Oceans+ Pavilion where reputed organizations and NGOs as well as prominent personalities, artists and scientists organized interesting events and made thought provoking presentations. We have recorded some of the presentations and uploaded them on the Web TV if you want to watch them:

Enjoy watching the videos,

The IMPAC3 team