Friday, 18 October 2013

Countdown to IMPAC 3: what you need to know

IMPAC 3 is almost here! We have come a long way this year, we received more than 900 contributions, 70 films and more than 1,200 people from 80 countries have registered for 5 days full of interesting events.

If you are coming to Marseille on the 21st of October, you will be able to withdraw your badges on the reception desk from 1pm onwards at the Palais de Pharo. We strongly urge you to arrive at 1pm as we expect high influx of attendees. For those who will not be present in Marseille, you will be able to follow the congress online via live streaming and the daily magazines on

In our last email we announced the launch of our Web TV: . Today we would like to talk about the notion of oceankind - the necessary cultural shift that will make our societies fully aware of the sea. The Web TV reflects this notion and with the help of images and interviews shows that marine protected areas are at the heart of the solution for the future of oceans. Don’t hesitate to navigate through the Web TV and share your comments.

By the way, please do join the conversation on the protection of oceans and the marine protected areas on social media. A group of California ocean leaders (@OurOcean, @HealTheBay, and @ThePacificOcean) will be attending the Congress and speaking about California’s marine protected areas, as well as soaking up global MPA stories from around the world. They will be publishing content on their blog and the following media outlets: OpenChannels, National Geographic, Huffington Post, OceanSpaces and more. Please use the following #hashtags #MPAsWork and #IMPAC3 during online conversations and stay tuned on our Facebook page and Twitter account: @IMPAC_3.

See you in Marseille!

IMPAC 3 Team
The IMPAC 3 team