Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How healthy is YOUR ocean?

We’d like to invite all members of the marine community to check out the first real measure of the sustainable use of the oceans (www.oceanhealthindex.org<http://www.oceanhealthindex.org>). The Ocean Health Index is a tool to analyze how we’re doing in ten vital areas, including those that we may not actively think about. “Biodiversity” and “carbon storage,” for example, benefit us as inhabitants of this planet, in ways that may be unseen—while “food provision” and “livelihoods” directly benefit millions of us every day in our quest to survive.

Every month, the News section features new stories about a marine issue evaluated by the Ocean Health Index. This month, Les Kaufman of Boston University blogs about MPAs<http://www.oceanhealthindex.org/News/StoriesMPAs_Work_But_Only_If> and their effectiveness<http://www.oceanhealthindex.org/News/StoriesMPAs_Work_But_Only_If>, Elizabeth Selig of CI explains how the Index evaluates MPAs<http://www.oceanhealthindex.org/News/StoriesStoriesInside_the_MPA_Component>, Helen Fox of WWF writes about protecting the BOFFFs<http://www.oceanhealthindex.org/News/StoriesProtecting_the_BOFFFs> (big old fat fertile female fish), and we feature our first ever Ocean Health Index Film Festival<http://www.oceanhealthindex.org/News/OHI_Film_Festival_MPAs>, among other stories.

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Wynette Yao
Digital Producer
Global Marine Division