Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lesson learned publication on MPAs

A new publication on Marine Protected Areas was lauched at the Mediterranean MPA Forum, last November. The publication is titled “Making Marine Protected Areas Work - Lesson Learned in the Mediterranean”, by Gomei M. and Di Carlo G. (WWF Mediterranean), is available for free in English, French and Arabic.
Based on first-hand experiences from Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas on management planning, this publication is not another compendium of guidelines or recommendations, but is rather a practical tool for managers, NGOs, and practitioners involved in the management of protected areas. Each case study illustrates how to address common challenges that MPA may face and provide solutions to overcome them. The publication also outlines the steps needed to take a protected areas from its creation to a fully operational state.

The booklet and a policy brief are available at:

We hope that this new publication proves to be useful to the managers and NGOs working on Marine Protected Areas across the world. For more information, please contact: