Wednesday, 27 February 2013

America's Cup: Take the Pledge to Support Marine Protection Off the California Coast

America’s Cup Healthy Ocean Project

Take the Pledge to Support Marine Protection Off the California Coast

The 34th America’s Cup Healthy Ocean Project is pledging it’s support for two critical initiatives to protect the marine environment. Launched by Dr. Sylvia Earle, Global Healthy Ocean Project
Ambassador, on October 5, 2012, we are calling on all of you to join us in support of these two important ocean protection measures.

Join Our Pledge To Protect the Ocean

Support California’s Marine Protected Areas: On behalf of the America’s Cup Healthy

Ocean Project, we proudly announce our support for the world-class network of Marine Protected Areas along California's 1,100-mile coast. Full implementation of this network will require sustained support for enforcement, education, outreach and programs for monitoring and research. This network is a national model, and if adequately supported will play a critical role in restoring the marine life resources off the California Coast.

Support Expansion of California National Marine Sanctuaries: The America’s Cup Healthy Ocean Project also supports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s intent to extend the boundaries of the existing National Marine Sanctuaries to include the waters under the Golden Gate, and along the San Francisco coast. We also support their proposal to expand Sanctuary waters along the north central California coast. This extension will help preserve vital habitats and our maritime heritage, promote the health of wildlife populations, and create a more sustainable future for nature and business. These waters include a nationally significant ecosystem, and marine resources that attract visitors from around the world. By protecting this area, we can help protect and preserve the wildlife and waters of one of the greatest natural treasures in the United States and even the world.

Join Us In Supporting Our Oceans

Please show your support and sign our pledge today. The ocean will thank you.