Thursday, 6 December 2012 has launched!

We’re excited to share the launch of, an online community that fosters new knowledge of ocean health. The platform brings together everyone with a stake in the health of California’s ocean – scientists, fishermen, policymakers and citizens – offering new opportunities for individuals to communicate, create and share information. A shared body of scientific knowledge enables us to make informed decisions and becomes the basis for participation in ocean resource management and stewardship.

OceanSpaces is launching as the hub of scientific monitoring data, analyses and results from California’s network of marine protected areas. From ecological assessments to socioeconomic analyses of human uses, OceanSpaces provides free, easy access to relevant scientific information on the conditions in and around the state’s MPAs.

The information collected provides the most comprehensive study of the state's ocean ever undertaken, and will inform not only adaptive management of MPAs, but also fisheries management, water quality monitoring, climate change adaptation and other ocean policy.

The website launched to the public recently with:
• an expanded homepage<>
• new videos<> about the OceanSpaces community
• a new blog: Facing West<> where members can share their unique stories and viewpoints
• Baseline data<> from all state –funded Central Coast MPA monitoring projects
• An interactive map<> to explore California MPAs and find out who is collecting data
• Community pages<> where individuals, groups and organizations can share research, images, newsfeeds, videos and more.
• Profile pages<> and research updates for all state-funded MPA monitoring projects

In addition, you can:
• Find out how monitoring takes the pulse of ocean ecosystems<> and what marine life and human activities<> are monitored
• Learn how baseline monitoring results<> will help answer questions relevant to management needs
• ‘Follow’ a group<>, topic or research project and receive updates when new information is posted

All of the information on OceanSpaces is free and easily accessible. From sharing data and results to forming new collaborations, OceanSpaces is building community support around ocean science.

Hundreds of individuals, groups and organizations have already joined, created profile pages and contributed data, research updates, videos and more. We invite you to join OceanSpaces, share your ideas and discover the new ways to become part of the community! Don’t forget to follow OceanSpaces on Facebook<> and Twitter!<> Find out more at<>.

OceanSpaces is managed by the MPA Monitoring Enterprise, a program of California Ocean Science Trust, which works at the boundary of science and management to provide impartial, rigorous and cost-effective information about California’s ocean health and the performance of the statewide network of marine protected areas.

Holly Rindge
Communications Manager, MPA Monitoring Enterprise
California Ocean Science Trust
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OceanSpaces is live! Join the online community that fosters
new knowledge of ocean health.<>