Monday, 12 March 2012

New study released on seabird conservation status, threats and priority actions

A new review has been published on “Seabird conservation status, threats and priority actions: a global assessment” by BirdLife International, a partner of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. The review also covers the situation in Europe’s overseas territories.

The review reveals that seabirds are now more threatened than any other group of birds. Of the 346 seabird species, 97 (28%) are globally threatened, and a further 10% are listed as Near Threatened.
Almost half of all seabird species are known or suspected to be experiencing population declines. The albatross family is especially imperiled, with 17 of the 22 species currently threatened with extinction.

“This new data details the rapid deterioration of creatures that provide a crucial window onto the condition of the oceans,” says Jean-Christophe Vié, Deputy Director, IUCN Global Species Programme. “We must now use this information to enact changes that will reverse the loss of such an important group of species.”

The full IUCN media release in English, French and Spanish can be accessed at:

The review in English can be downloaded for free on the BirdLife Community website: