Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Science to Action guidebook!

Conservation International is pleased to announce the release of the Science to Action Guidebook¸ which provides a roadmap for using science to influence decision-making. Co-authored by 17 scientists, conservationists and communicators, the Guidebook draws upon and highlights experiences around the world. Both ‘ends’ provide practical tips for making the link between scientists and decision-makers, which culminate in the centerfold. The Guidebook can be downloaded at www.science2action.org/s2Aguidebook
or hard copies can be requested from s.rustandi@conservation.org.

The Guidebook is the final publication in the series of policy-oriented booklets, guidebooks and policy briefs addressing the global ocean crisis that have been produced by the Science-to-Action Partnership, which includes more than 75 organizations led by Conservation International's Management Science Program and funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. These publications, which synthesize the insights from 5 years of natural and social science research, including over 50 studies in 23 countries, can be downloaded at www.science2action.org and additional copies can be obtained by contacting s.rustandi@conservation.org.

The next phase of the Marine Science Program at Conservation International builds on our experiences doing and using science as we continue to support marine conservation science needs worldwide through the Science-to-Action Partnership.

We welcome your feedback on the utility of the Guidebook and would welcome your involvement in the S2A Partnership!

Leah Bunce Karrer, PhD
Senior Director
Marine Science
Conservation International
2011 Crystal Dr, Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22202