Sunday, 17 April 2011

Virgin 'Oceanic' launched - find out about the mission and link to the site

Virgin Oceanic is taking the next step in human exploration. This time, the voyage is to the last frontiers of our own Blue Planet: the very bottom of our seas.

Watch the expedition trailer and hear from Sir Richard

Virgin believes that the Oceans offer exciting possibilities for human exploration and scientific research. Our vision through Virgin Oceanic is to explore the possibilities of enabling adventurers and pioneers to participate in oceanic exploration.

If we are successful in our mission with this innovative design of submarine, then we will have proven that a vehicle can be built to withstand the extreme pressures of the oceans and that it is possible to take humans at far reduced risks to the bottom of our Oceans. The submarine we unveil today will likely finish its days on display in a museum here in the US but if we can prove the design, Virgin may explore the possibility of future missions involving other submarines that can collect samples and facilitate science and research. When we have evolved our capacity for exploration, we will unlock opportunities to discover vast areas of our planet that we currently have no knowledge of. This is our vision.

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