Thursday, 3 March 2011

$100,000 prize for ocean solutions DEADLINE 15 April 2011

Savannah Ocean Exchange Seeks Solutions Addressing 2011 Theme: "Shaping the Future of Our Coasts"

Mission: Finding and Promoting the Best Solutions to Ocean and Coastal Issues
Award: GulfstreamR Navigator Award 2011
Award Amount: $100,000 to Best Overall Solution
Submission Deadline: 2359 UTC, 15 April 2011
Savannah Ocean Exchange - Solution Submission Details

The Savannah Ocean Exchange's (SAVOX) call for action in 2011 is to find and promote the best solutions
to drive sustainable change and to improve ecological and economic conditions while respecting the unique cultures and sense of place of our coastal communities. To cast a wide net, the SAVOX Board of
Governors intentionally kept the 2011 theme ("Shaping the Future of Our Coasts") broad. They want to
encourage any possibility for the best solutions addressing issues of the coasts and oceans worldwide.

To encourage and motivate solution innovators, the GulfstreamR Navigator Award 2011 of $100,000 will
be given to the solution that demonstrates the greatest potential in addressing the SAVOX annual theme
while representing excellence, feasibility and ease of implementation.

The SAVOX goal is to introduce a solution from, for example, the coast of China that may solve a critical
issue on the west coast of Australia; or an innovative solution from the Pacific Ocean basin off the USA's
northwest coast will address a puzzling issue common in the Indian Ocean basin off Africa's southeast
coast. In essence SAVOX wants to know your work, so SAVOX can facilitate global connections to solve
our planet's pressing coastal and ocean issues.

To apply please visit the SAVOX website and access "Submit a Solution". Information is provided to facilitate the submission process of submission for ideas, including examples. Solutions should be submitted no later than 2359 UTC (7:59 PM EDT) on 15 April 2011. After the deadline, our expert review panel will narrow the field down to ten finalists.

Selected solution creators will be invited to Savannah, expenses paid, to present their work during the
Exchange, 7-9 September 2011. The SAVOX Board of Governors and invited guests--representing a cross-section of professions from industry, government, conservation, research and academia--will select the

Best of the Best for the GulfstreamR Navigator Award 2011.

All selected solutions will have the benefit of distribution through the worldwide networks of the SAVOX
Board of Governors. We encourage you to submit your solution and pass along this announcement to let
others know of this unprecedented opportunity.

Please visit