Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pacific Oceanscape moves forward!

In August 2010, the 15 leaders attending the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum in Port Vila, Vanuatu, unanimously endorsed the Framework for the Pacific Oceanscape . Covering an ocean area of nearly 40 million sq km – or over 10 percent of the Earth’s surface – the Pacific Oceanscape hosts the world’s largest remaining stocks of tuna providing approximately a third of the world’s catches of tuna and related species.
This ground-breaking framework envisions a secure future for Pacific Island Nations based on ocean conservation and management, strong leadership and regional cooperation.

The guiding principles for the Pacific Oceanscape include:

· Improving ocean governance
· Sustainably developing and managing the use of ocean resources
· Maintaining the health of the ocean
· Improving our understanding of the ocean
· Ocean security
· Partnerships and cooperation

While respecting cultural differences and national sovereignty, the Pacific Oceanscape provides a framework for solving common problems and will leveraging funds, expertise and resources from common partners. Importantly it provides a united voice and platform for the region to act on ocean issues and engage with countries and stakeholders from outside the region. The Pacific Oceanscape is a catalyst for action to protect, manage, maintain and sustain the cultural and natural integrity of the ocean for the ancestors and future generations and for global well-being.

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