Thursday, 10 February 2011

Coral Reef MPAs of East Asia and Micronesia updated and upgraded

The regional MPA database "Coral Reef MPA of East Asia and Micronesia" was developed on ReefBase website in 2005-2007 as one of the ICRI Secretariat Plan of Action under Japan and Palau Co-Secretariat term. It updated the MPA data in both regions on MPA Global database (now taken over by WDPA database) and linked with ReefGIS where it achieved to identify over 300 new MPAs. Under the above initiative on MPA networks that took place during 2008-2010 in East Asia, upgrading of this MPA database
was also supported. The new project aimed to strengthen the usability for MPA planning and management by updating the MPA data, improving the GIS system with multi-biophysical layers, adding analytical functions, and providing an online/offline updating system for countries to have their own virtual MPA database on their website. The website was also renewed and launched with new URL in June 2010. With an extensive contribution from countries and partners in both regions, 350 MPA sites have been added and updated since 2007 (as of June 2010). This MPA database is complementary with the Coral Triangle Atlas and the ReefBase Pacific which are also hosted on ReefBase. It is also expected to be shared with WDPA database for global MPA analysis.

(New) Coral Reef MPAs of East Asia and Micronesia website:

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Coral Triangle Atlas website:

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