Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WWF Gift to the Earth recognises CCAMLR's commitment to network of MPAs in the Southern Ocean

The 29th Annual Session of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resource (CCAMLR) was held for in Hobart during October.
On the Monday of the second week of the CCAMLR meeting, the WWF Antarctic and Southern Ocean Initiative awarded CCAMLR a WWF Gift to the Earth in recognition of CCAMLR's commitment to designate a representative network of MPAs in the Southern Ocean by 2012 and the designation of the first component of that network and first high seas MPA in the world, the South Orkney's MPA.
WWF-Australia's CEO Dermot O'Gorman presented the award to meeting chairman Ambassador Don Mackay of New Zealand. The Gift to the Earth will be a valuable tool to spur CCAMLR members forward in their work to meet the World Summit on Sustainable Development Goal of implementing a representative system of MPAs by 2012.
During the meeting sessions there was substantive discussion on the MPA issue, setting the stage for major developments in 2011. These will include a major Southern Ocean MPA workshop and proposals being put forward to the Commission for consideration of inclusion in CCAMLRs system of MPAs at the 2011 meeting.
In addition, significant wins were achieved on the krill fishery with Japan and Korea moving closer to complying in full with CCAMLRs observer scheme and strong commitments from governments and the fishing industry to conduct the science required to support the sustainable management of the krill fishery.
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