Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Guide sur la gouvernance des AMP

Dear colleagues

I am very pleased to inform you that the book « …En gouvernance partagée ! » is now online, in pdf version for free download, on the PRCM site and at the following address http://www.prcmarine.org/images/stories/food/ouvrage_gouvernance_amp.pdf (please note that some difficulties have been met using Google chrome ; we recommend the use of the navigator Internet explorer to download the guide)

This guide is the result of a long time work conducted by the GP Sirènes project with the technical support of the IUCN’s Commission on Environmental Economic and Social Policies. Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend and Christian Chatelain are the main authors, assisted by several members of the regional task-force on shared governance and comanagement of MPAs. This guide is shaped for the use of the field praticians and can serve as a memory tool, and for the training of field agents, NGO animators and representatives of the local communities.

It will serve the efforts towards the objective of strengthening the participation of local communities and various stakeholders to the governance and the management of marine protected areas, as recommended by the Convention on Biological Diversity, the World Park Congress, the World Conservation Congress, the World Congress on Marine Conservation, the Regional Strategy for MPAs in West Africa et will contribute to the implementation of the RAMPAO plan of work. English and Portuguese versions will be produced in 2011. Thanks to all those who have been contributing to this work and long life to west African MPAs.

Mathieu Ducrocq

Coordinateur régional
Programme marin et côtier pour l'Afrique Centrale et Occidentale
Ave Gal de Gaulle

BP 4167 – Nouakchott