Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Draft Report on Attaining an Operational Marine Biodiversity Observation Network Available for Review and Comment

The Biodiversity Ad Hoc Group of the Interagency Working Group on Ocean Partnerships (IWG-OP) hosted a workshop on Attaining Operational Marine Biodiversity Observations in May 2010 in Washington, DC. The workshop was held at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and was attended by more than 35 experts in the marine science field. The goal of the workshop was to determine the status of current marine biodiversity observational capabilities and to scope future solutions to operationally monitor the status and trends of biodiversity.

The steering committee has completed the draft report from the workshop, which includes seven recommendations and case studies for implementing a national marine Biodiversity Observing Network (BON). The report is available for review and comment at through 19 November 2010. The steering committee encourages input from the scientific and policy community on the draft report. A final report is expected in January 2011. For further information on the workshop or report, please contact