Thursday, 1 April 2010

April fools day special: HEAL THE BAY>>Trash your friends, not the ocean!

Your help is needed to spread the word about marine debris and plastic pollution in our oceans! Our oceans are drowning in plastic, and plastic bags are a major culprit. Countries around the world from Ireland to Bangladesh have banned or placed fees on plastic bags, but more efforts are needed to fight this global problem.

Since it’s April Fool’s Day, we’ve decided to have a bit of fun in our fight against plastic pollution. Trash your friends – well, not literally, but for fun online by visiting:

This subversive effort will help raise awareness about the issue in an amusing way. And, it provides an option to urge Governor Schwarzenegger to move forward with a ban on plastic carryout bags, a measure currently being considered by the California legislature. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to live in California to participate.

So take a few minutes and trash your friends, family or associates starting today, on April Fool's Day by visiting: You can tell someone you’ve trashed their Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter or blog pages. Or, you can trash any public site you like: eBay, Yahoo, or Apple and send that to your friends. And don’t worry, you won’t do any damage to any website. Your friends just see an imitation of the site you choose to infest with plastic bags and then get a chance to pay it forward, by trashing their friends.

Start spreading the trash-talk and let's keep it going through this year's Earth Day, April 22nd. Thanks for doing your part to fight plastic bag pollution!

Sarah Abramson Sikich Coastal Resources Director
Heal the Bay 1444 9th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401