Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ocean hope at Mission Blue: A collaboration experiment

Extract from TED Blog - for full story see

How to describe what happened last week? A Galapagos sea-voyage of 100 people (including Sylvia Earle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Glenn Close, Elizabeth Banks, Steve Case, Ted Waitt, Bill Joy, Jackson Browne, Damien Rice, Chevy Chase, Jean-Michel Cousteau and 30 of the world's leading marine scientists) turned into an epic event that may have significant impact on global efforts to save our oceans. It happened because the individuals and organizations on board chose to abandon the obstacles that often engulf nonprofit work, and engage in a process of emergent collaboration that I, for one, found truly thrilling.

Webinar on Google Ocean added to Google Webinar Series (April 14, 22, and 27)

The EBM Tools Network, the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, and the University of Connecticut Center for Land Use Education and Research are very pleased to announce a series of webinars on Google Earth, Google Maps, KML, mashups, APIs, publishing GIS maps on-line, and Google Ocean to be held on April 14, 22, and 27 from 2-3:30 pm US EDT/11 am-12:30 pm US PDT/6-7:30 pm GMT. Descriptions of the individual webinars are below. There is a separate registration link for each webinar. The webinar system will be enabled an hour prior to the start of each webinar to allow users to test their systems.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Revisiting Pandora's Box - Providing 'Hope' for the Ocean

It is said that in Greek mythology when Pandora opened Pandora's Box, instead of finding gifts she discovered evil and plagues. But the gods had put among the evil creatures a single good one called Hope. When Pandora replaced the lid all the evils had escaped leaving just Hope at the bottom. The world soon found though that without Hope to accompany all their troubles, humanity was quickly filled with despair. It was a great relief sometime later when Hope was let out as well.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


UK Foreign & Commonwealth Statement: Thursday 1 April 2010

Foreign Secretary David Miliband today announced the creation of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the British Indian Ocean Territory. This will include a “no-take” marine reserve where commercial fishing will be banned.

The British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) consists of 55 tiny islands which sit in a quarter of a million square miles of the world’s cleanest seas.

April fools day special: HEAL THE BAY>>Trash your friends, not the ocean!

Your help is needed to spread the word about marine debris and plastic pollution in our oceans! Our oceans are drowning in plastic, and plastic bags are a major culprit. Countries around the world from Ireland to Bangladesh have banned or placed fees on plastic bags, but more efforts are needed to fight this global problem.

Mission Blue, Sylvia Earle Foundation

On April 6, more than 100 global leaders—scientists, businessmen and women, policymakers, communicators and others—will embark on the first Mission Blue expedition to the Galapagos Islands aboard the National Geographic-Lindblad ship, Endeavor, for several days of deliberation about the intertwined future of the ocean and humankind. The focus will be on how to implement a "wish" made by Dr. Sylvia Earle at the TED conference in 2009: