Sunday, 7 March 2010

Supplementary guidelines on the application of the protected area (PA) category system in marine environment

IUCN WCPA is planning to about prepare some supplementary guidelines on the application of the protected area (PA) category system in marine environment. A survey has been developed to assist in preparation of this document. We are inviting marine experts to 1. Complete the survey and 2. Send this email on to others in your network who you think would have some relevant information and opinions to contribute.

In 2008 a revised version of the PA Categories Guidelines was published; this can be downloaded at: Although these revised guidelines provided much more detail on the use and application of the categories (including for MPAs) it was generally agreed that as more MPAs were established and management experience grew further marine specific guidance should be developed.

The supplementary guidance document will build on IUCN-WCPA’s Guidelines for applying protected area management categories. The categories are applicable to both terrestrial and marine protected areas (MPAs); but to date there has been considerably more experience and guidance on implementation in terrestrial areas due both to the lack of advice on using the categories in marine areas – and because of the smaller number of MPAs.

To this end the WCPA’s themes on Science and Capacity Development (led by Marc Hockings and Nigel Dudley respectively) are working with IUCN-WCPA Marine to develop more specific guidance for applying the categories in MPAs. A small team will be workshopping this issue in April 2010 with the aim of developing the draft guidance document for further comment. However to assist the drafting team, people’s views and experience on this issue are being sought prior to the workshop.

Please encourage people from your own networks to help by completing this online questionnaire - the more views we have the better we will be able to support all our efforts.

Please complete this survey with your views and experience no later than Monday 12 April 2010. You can access the survey at


Vice-Chair Marine
IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas