Sunday, 29 November 2009

Changing Oceans Expedition on CNN. How climate change affects our oceans

In the run up to Copenhagen, there is a lot of talk about the destruction of forests and air, about carbon trading and clean energy, but very little about the impact of our oceans and climate change. In our oceans, climate goes well beyond melting ice caps and endangered polar bears in the North Pole. Our seas are acidifying at unprecedented levels and the Mediterranean is being invaded by tropical, alien species. The oceans make up 80% of the surface of our planet and provide 70% of the oxygen we breathe. All around the world, our oceans and seas are getting warmer and more acidic, but because we can't always see what is happening under the surface, researchers and scientists are worried that the risks to our oceans will be forgotten in Copenhagen. Experts from the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and from the research team on board the Changing Oceans Expedition are worried that the oceans are being forgotten in Copenhagen. They call for urgent action before it is too late. Unprecedented footage of underwater volcanic activity was filmed on board Fleur de Passion in the Aeolian Islands where scientist study the future conditions of our blue planet.

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