Friday, 7 August 2009

IUCN, WCPA – Marine and UNEP WCMC combine forces on new web system

We are delighted to announce a new combined web development programme between IUCN WCPA – Marine and UNEP WCMC.

Over the past two years IUCN WCPA – Marine and UNEP WCMC have been investing considerable resources in developing online websites and tools to take forward marine conservation. This has been an important part of the development process to test out new systems and approaches, and has involved the creation of Protect planet Ocean, linked to Google Earth, and the development of online mapping and data presentation systems via WDPA – Marine.

Over the next 6 months these innovations will be brought together to create a ‘super site’ and enhance our joint web presence under the banner of Protect Planet Ocean. Work is already underway on this exciting development. In addition we are planning to jointly create new pages and functionality to serve the global community in their efforts to protect and manage our oceans and seas. This will include new ways to see, check and verify your own MPA data as well as information on MPAs and World Heritage, climate change, High Seas, Socio-economic assessment and livelihoods, and human health & diseases. There will also be some surprises too to enhance your browsing experience.

We welcome further partners to join this ambitious process which is poised to significantly evolve how we all view, access and engage with information on Marine Protected Area and broader related themes of ocean protection and management. If you wish to join please contact us via protect planet ocean.

Further information on the development process will be posted periodically on the Official MPA Blog