Tuesday, 13 January 2009

More progress needed MPA paper urges

A new paper just published by IUCN marine experts urges greater need for progress with MPAs. The paper published in IUCN's journal Parks, reviews progress with MPAs since the Vth IUCN World Parks Congress held in Durban, South Africa in 2003.

The Durban Congress was a significant opportunity to move the marine conservation agenda forward. Whilst only two of the 33 recommendations focused on marine protected areas (MPAs), they were major milestones in re-setting the overall direction and levels of ambition needed for protecting our oceans.

This paper briefly reviews the two MPA recommendations before considering the progress that has been achieved on each since the Durban Congress. The paper ends with some clear steps to significantly advance and scale-up our actions to adequately protect marine biodiversity and associated habitats throughout our oceans.

The paper can be read at:


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The recent declaration by President Bush, that increased the global ocean area protected on one day this January from 0.66% to 0.79%, came too late to be included in this review. See this link for details of that announcement: