Monday, 6 October 2008

Global first for marine conservation - MPA layer in Google Earth

You can now explore and get involved in protecting our seas without even getting wet or leaving your home! Over the past year we have been working with the teams at Google Earth and Google Earth Outreach to devise a way to change this major gap in knowledge and bring marine protection and the wonders that our nature reserves in the sea can offer to internet users worldwide. Today as part of the celebrations at the 4th World Conservation Congress in Barcelona we are launching a special IUCN WCPA - Marine layer through Google Earth Outreach that not only shows you where we have protected the sea, but which also allows you to get involved by sharing pictures, videos and stories about your local sites in a way not previously possible. In doing so we will make history by working together to provide the first illustrated picture of global ocean protection of wildlife and habitats using Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The MPA layer is an outreach initiative between Google, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and its global commission of scientific experts – the World Commission on Protected Areas.

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