Monday, 6 October 2008

Get results: fully protected, fully online

What is it like to snorkel over a coral reef or SCUBA dive through a kelp forest protected from all fishing? What does scientific research tell us about the effects of marine reserves, areas of the ocean that are fully and permanently protected from extractive activities? Scientists around the world have studied and documented the effects of marine reserves and now this information is just a web link away.

Protect Planet Ocean
is an exciting new online resource providing compelling imagery, stories, and information about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the world, including information about over 100 marine reserves. Scientific data, case studies, and photographs tell an intriguing tale of marine animals and plants becoming more numerous and larger within these fully protected places. Go to and click Get Results to see what a fully protected ocean ecosystem looks like. From there, you can also dive into Google Earth and explore the new MPA layer, which includes an animated and interactive underwater view of some marine reserves, giving you that opportunity to snorkel over an un-fished reef.