Thursday, 14 August 2008

How is your MPA Managed? A pre-World Conservation Congress Training Workshop, September 29 – October 4, 2008

Applications are invited to attend the How is Your MPA Managed? training workshop which will be held in advance of the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. The workshop is designed to bring together MPA managers from 10-15 sites around the world, representing a range of biogeographic, social, political and economic settings, to share the experience of developing a management framework for their sites. The purpose of the training workshop is to test a draft version of the “How is Your MPA Managed?” guidebook, both in terms of the planning framework and pedagogical soundness. The training workshop would also provide an opportunity for an internationally-diverse set of MPA staff to share experience and knowledge with one another before attending the Congress. With the knowledge of how to use the draft guidebook, managers would return home with a work plan (implementation contract) to test the draft guidebook and develop an MPA management plan for each of their sites. Submission of review comments on testing and applying the draft guidebook six months later would allow the authors to modify and strengthen the guide prior to publication based on actual field conditions and manager experiences.

Deadline for applications is 25 August. For more information and the application form, click this link: